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The MICR E13B Match™ font is the minimum you need to print beautiful working checks in minutes. Extremely precise and easy to use, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can apply it from any standard program, such as Microsoft Word (check template included).

It has be selected by major companies throughout the world for their printing needs. We even have US banks using it for their own needs.
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Check Writer III+

Check Writer III+

Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III+

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.

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MICR E13B Match™ font
for check number strips

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MICR font E13B or E-13B font, is necessary to generate micr strips, the series of numbers at the bottom of checks. To do so, a laser printer and special toner is also necessary. Our MICR font is used by any standard or custom application to print special encoded data at the bottom of checks in North America and many other countries using the same banking standards. Our MICR e13b fonts come in Macintosh or Windows format, and are also compatible with OS/2 and Linux.


• Selected by major National and Regional banks.
• Absolute precision, for US ANSI X9.100-160-1-2009, Canadian CPA600, and ISO 1004-1:2013.
• PDF Embeddable, ideal for remote printing.
• For Windows (all versions), macOS (all versions) and Linux.
• Use it in confidence, like so many customers since 1998.

This MICR e13b font (also often called MICR font, or E-13B font) is necessary to print numbers and special symbols at the bottom of checks so they can be recognized by the OCR/magnetic ink reader systems used by banks in North America (US and Canada) and other countries such as UK and Malta. In the past, these fonts where supplied as cartridges. Thanks to modern technology, these fonts are now available for Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Linux.

How does it work ?

This MICR font comes in both TrueType and OTF PostScript, for Windows or Macintosh. It is installed just like any other fonts. Once installed, it is available to all applications in the system, like Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Courier...

To create the proper magnetic stripe, one needs numbers, and separator symbols. The separators are " # $ % or ABCD.

Below is an example of the data one would enter in a plain font, to get the same as the bottom of a check :

%322270055% #325070760# 8888888888%

All you have to do, is to copy on the screen what you see at the bottom of your own checks ! This data can be entered by hand, or suplied by any database or spreadsheet program.

Tests on a variety of current laser printers have showed constant results, within MICR tolerance, measured with standard test gauges. This font meets or exceed ANSI Standard and the ABA (American Banking Association) standards.

What do I need besides the font ?

To print reliable MICR strips, a laser printer with special MICR toner must be used. This special toner works perfectly for other applications as well . Some ink jet printers (mainly high end) can also be used with MICR toner.

Check paper is not mandatory, and valid checks can be produced on plain paper stock, but they will look more professional on a medium meant for this. You can find check refill at major office supply retailers, such as Office Depot, Stapples, etc, in several presentations : 1 per page, three per page, etc. It is also easy to find at any reputable online or mail order office supply.

See our links page for MICR toner and check stock suppliers.

To make sure you have placed the MICR fields right, and everything checks out with your design, the best desk test tool is a MICR E13 Gauge, which shows you instantly if the check layout is correct.

Setting up applications

It is easy to create checks from any program, including the simplest word processors (a Word template document is provided with the package). The MICR font is available to all standard applications, as a regular system font.

Other applications well suited for check printing are database programs, such as Crystal Reports or Access for Windows, or ACI's 4D for Macintosh. Spreadsheet programs and their data merge can also be used successfully. Basically, any program that can print numbers and text can be used. Including the simplest like WordPad and SimpleText, or the most sophisticated, like Desktop Publishing Programs such as PageMaker™, Adobe InDesign, or XPress.

1 MICR font, in both TrueType and PostScript. Windows 8 and 7 as well as all versions since 3.2 and XP or Macintosh OS X up to 10.9 Mavericks including Lion and Mountain Lion. OS/2 Warp. Linux current distributions, or with the FreeType extension.

  • Complete usage instructions
  • Template check in Word format

Regular: $29.95
$19.95 only, Single User License

instant download delivery

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