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The MICR E13B Match™ font set and the new MICR Calibration Wizard™ 4 for OS X more accurate than the competition  are the state of the art, precise and accomplished tools to produce reliable and anti-fraud checks directly from your PC and laser printer. They are used worldwide, but most of all in United States and Canada.
Exclusive : We measure the effective resolution of your  printer, to insure best results when the fonts are applied.

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Download a complete package, identical to the commercial version except fonts are limited, so you can play with it and test it.

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Mac OS X all versions from Lion(10.7) up to macOS Sierra (1°.12.x) and a laser printer with at least 600 dpi resolution fitted with MICR toner Magnetic Ink). Typesetting equipments are also supported, as long as Magnetic ink is used for the MICR strips.

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MICR E13B Match™ font set, MICR Calibration Wizard™, and SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts, V4.00. Macintoh OS X
Complete typeface set (29 fonts) and Calibration Wizard for check printing

MICR strip printing

$99.99 immediate download

MICR Font Suite for macOS and OS X

Exclusive MICR Calibration Wizard™ for Mac OS X 

The MICR Calibration Wizard for Macintosh OS X comes with a set of 29 fonts

The exclusive MICR Calibration Wizard™ for Mac OS X  will let  you choose the best MICR font for your system, and it will at the same time measure the accuracy and resolution of your printer ! The MICR Calibration Wizard™ is 8 times more accurate than the previous version, and the competition. 

Measurement of the effective printer resolution is exclusive to the MICR Calibration Wizard™ 4. Now not only can you get the best MICR E 13B fonts for Macintosh, but you will be able to measure without any doubt the real performances of your printer !
The Macintosh font set offer the most exacting, reliable MICR printing. We provide both OpenType and TrueType fonts in the same package, so you can print with your destop printer, but also use the font at your printer shop.
MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) strips are used by U.S. and Canadian bank systems (plus other countries) to automate check processing, 68 Billion last year. The MICR E13B characters must have very precise dimensions, to generate reliable signal when going through the readers. Many MICR fonts around do not meet these standards, and not all MICR fonts are created equal. Some have positioning inaccuracies that create unreliable MICR strips, and may generate errors in the bank processing equipment, leading to manual processing fees. MICR printing of a custom check, with secure number fontThe MICR E13B Match™ font set has been created with extremely accurate positioning, and tested with the finest benchmark systems. Under ideal conditions, there should be only one font in use, the MICR E13B Match, which has been created specifically to meet the ANSI and ABA (X9, 27-1995) banking standards when printed at exactly point size 12. Unfortunately, the printing chain is such, that several weak links can hinder results. Even the most precise of font data is translated at least twice along the printed chain : first, by the Macintosh printer driver, which converts the font outlines it into data instructions (PostScript or PCL) usable by the printer, and secondly, by the printer internal logic circuits, which translates the outlines in pixel data that will drive the actual printing hardware. Even, at that last stage, outlines are not printed as simple lines, but as a very fine matrix of dots, by a laser beam, LED, or another technology. So a full set of fonts is provided, with dimensions 1% apart from each other. Two smaller sizes (MICRE13 M1 and MICRE13 M2) provide 1% and 2% smaller printing, respectively. Two bigger sizes (MICRE13 P1 and MICRE13 P2) provide 1% and 2% larger printing, respectively. The MICR Calibration Wizard™ will let you easily choose the best font for your entire printing chain, hardware and software.
Measuring resolution
This exclusive feature uses the same techniques applied to photography testing for decades, but still seldom used in the computer industry. Our fonts contains special characters at precise resolution, that will enable you to effectively  verify if your printing chain (from fonts to printer, through system, applications, drivers, imagers)  is up to specs.

A 6600 dpi character bar printing test. At this size,it is easy to see what is really going on at these resolutions, in practice.Here is a 12 points printing enlarged about 20 times of a special testing character that prints a patern of alternated black and white strips, here 600 lines per an inch, at 45%. angle ("oblique")
A stringent test will give no chance to shacky printers, and insure perfect results with our utmost precise fonts.

SecureAmounts™ secure number anti-fraud typefaces

In addition to the MICR fonts, we supply an exclusive collection of 14 secure number fonts called SecureAmounts™. Each of them uses the best technology available, to defeat washing, grating, rubbing, and modification of amounts printed on a check. Like the latest US dollar bills, for instance, the SecureAmounts™ 1-6 fonts use waves of fine-line printing, extremely difficult to modify or counterfeit. This is an exclusive feature of this MICR font set.

These fonts support several useful monetary symbols, such as dollars, cents, pound sterling, yen, and euro. The euro symbol is supported in the normal fashion, and accessible through the usual keyboard combinations as defined by Microsoft. Some tiny lines on the samples printed below will only show correctly on printers with a resolution 600dpi or higher. You may want to use a magnifying glass to see small details in these finely crafted, exclusive typefaces when they are printed.

SecureAmounts™ anti fraud secure number font 2

As you can see on these enlarged samples, the fine line printing is not using straight lines (fairly easy to modify), but waves of parallel curves. These three examples also show the value microprinting underneath every number.

SecureAmounts™ anti fraud secure number font 4

Please note the "supercript zero", convenient to produce "zero cents", another exclusivity in this pack. The "subscript zero" is also available.

SecureAmounts™ anti fraud secure number font 6

SecureAmounts™ anti fraud secure number fonts 1-9. There is a total of 14 !

Straight lines background fonts are provided too, for systems that may not be able to render well the fine line and microprinting of fonts 1-6, for a total of 14 SecureAmounts™ fonts ! Click below to see the full range of fonts.

Click here for more technical information

This the only MICR font set that comes with 15 MICR fonts, with the exclusive MICR calibration method, and 14 SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts, in both TrueType and ATM PostScript Type 1 format !

Complete font set, plus the calibration method
  • 15 MICR Fonts covering all uses
  • 14 SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts
  • The calibration method
  • All fonts delivered in both TrueType and OTF PostScript format (exclusive)
Price :
  • Downloadable single user license $99.99, including OpenType TrueType font format to fit all needs.

Disclaimer : MICR E13B Match™, MICR Calibration Wizard™, SecureAmounts™ fonts, are trademarks of Micr-Fonts.com and its owners.
All other intellectual properties, such as copyright and trademarks, mentioned in this document, belong to their respective holders.

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