Check Writer III+

Check Writer III+

Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III+

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.

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  • What do I need exactly ?
To print reliable MICR strips on your checks, you need only two items:
  • A MICR font, from the MICR set or alone
  • A printer loaded with MICR toner
Any standard Windows or Macintosh application can print MICR, as it is used by the system as any other font. As an example, we provide a Microsoft Word sample template, but you can print from a database, a spreadsheet, or report generator just as easily.

MICR toner can be used for everyday printing, and found from places like Office Depot and Stapples, or see our links page.

Who are these people ?

What business is behind these screens ? Is it safe to do business with them ? These are questions any web surfer had at least once about web sites, before doing any purchase online. Just as, probably, for any new company you want to do business with, online or not. And you are right to ask them. We are at your service, should you need more information. is operated by a company named Match Software.

ABCWARE, LLC dba Match Software
2207 Concord Pike # 816
Wilmington, DE 19803-2973

Questions and Answers

  • How long have you been in business ?

We have been in business for quite a while, at least in this brand new industry. The name "Match Software" appeared for the first time in the September issue of Byte, in 1987. We used to run very tiny ads for a utility called "Match-a-Printer", which helped PC users cope with their printers. Shortly after, "MatchFonts" came to life, a utility to get fonts from PC applications. Since then, we have mainly produced TrueType and PostScript fonts for Windows, Macintosh and OS/2.

  • How can I check on your company ?

We are a proud member of the Organization of Independent Software Vendors and the Association of Software Professionals, who stand for the highest professional ethics and quality. Thanks to Paypal, all credit card and checks purchases are satisfaction guaranteed and an arbitration process is provided. 

  • Who are your customers ?

The MICR E13B Match™ font has been available since 1997. It has been purchased and is used by major companies or their branches such as Raytheon, Western Wireless Corporation, The Centris Group Inc, DigiStitch, or Manpower, among many, many others, including major US banks.

We do custom work for companies such as the aerospace industry, the electronics industry, desktop publishers and printers. We have created custom fonts for several application developers, serving specific needs, such as foreign language, or system fonts.

  • Where are your products sold ?

We are present on the shelves of your local computer store, through shareware CD compilations. Our shareware packages are also distributed by Ziff Davis, through ZD Net. CD subscription services such as Nautilus and Software of the Month Club also selected our fonts. Finally, the monthly ASP CD is another source for our latest font shareware packages. We are a proud member of the Organization of Independent Software Vendors and the Association of Shareware Professionals.

We are in the process of being republished by much larger companies, and will let you know, as soon as the products are available. If you publish or develop software, you can also benefit from a developer license, to incorporate our technology into your programs.

If you think you have a market for any of our products, please give us a call. New business is always good ! We are also looking for overseas republishers.

  • Has the Press reviewed your fonts ?

Yes, indeed. Match Software has been mentioned in Computer Shopper, PC-News, PC Informatique, Micro times, Compuserve Online Magazine, Word perfect Magazine, etc.

  • Have you been referred by computer industry manufacturers ?

Yes, we have been recognized by the most prominent software and hardware manufacturers. We are mentioned on the Microsoft, IBM and Apple web sites. Microsoft has offered some of our evaluation samples on some of it's CD-ROM. Apple Computer has also provided our evaluation sample to computer buyers.

  • What kind of service do you offer as after-sale service ?

We offer online the same kind of service you would expect from any responsible walk-in store. We do our best to make sure to deliver what we advertise. In general, any reported problem is solved within 24 hours.

  • Is it safe to leave credit card informations on your site ?

Press reports regularly prompt some concern over the safety of credit card information left on some web sites using shopping carts improperly configured.

Our online delivery system DOES NOT USE A SHOPPING CART, but a specific host program developed especially for our online delivery system. The order pages are generated on the fly, at the instant you click on the Buy Online, Immediate Delivery button.

YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS NEVER STORED ON THE SITE, but sent directly for processing. It cannot be found in any files on the site, because it is never passed on pages !

All informations about your credit cards are processed directly on the merchant bank pages, over an encrypted protocol layer (SSL). It is impossible for any third party (even us) to view any part of the information you send. When prompted for your credit card number, you will notice that the browser will show a small closed locket.

You will also notice that the URL of the credit card information page starts with 'https://', and not 'http://', as usual.

Shopping at is actually MUCH SAFER than buying over the telephone with a cordless handset, or a cellular phone. Always remember before giving any sensitive information by phone :
Any basic scanner can pick up most cordless phones, and non-digital cellular phones. And this goes for credit card information, as well as any personal identification or sensitive data, such as so often required by the banks or utilities companies. It is a wise precaution to always keep an"antique" cord phone handy, for such conversations.

We will appreciate any suggestion tending to improve your shopping experience, or transactions security.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

This page answers some common technical questions, outlines the definition of shareware, support, and general sales terms. is operated by Match Software, member of the Association of Software Professionals.


Do I absolutely need to use MICR toner ?
Yes, if you want the MICR strip to conform to current banking standards. M.I.C.R. stands for "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition". Without magnetic ink, there is no recognition. True, some banks maybe using OCR readers, but there is no way to know where a check will be processed, and in case of regular rejects, banks will charge for manual handling. If some cheap, over-the-counter, non-professional software prudently never mention the requirement for magnetic ink, standards cannot be neglected by serious users. In a corporate environment, reliability and compliance are a must.
Where do I find MICR toner ?
Good toner suppliers usually have MICR toner. But we do list some suppliers onto our links page, where you can order online.
How are your fonts better than others ?
We have been delivering reliable and accurate MICR fonts since 1997, which means we had ample time to work around hardware and software limitations. We compiled an extensive knowledge base, and can efficiently help you overcome installation and usage needs. Our fonts have passed the exacting standards verifiable by the Clear wave Electronics measuring gages. For more about Clear wave Electronics, see our links page.
Why should I need a set of fonts ? Is not one enough ?
Sure, in ideal conditions, one font is often enough. If you do not want anything else, we can even supply the single MICR font by itself. Problem is, the PC world is far from being perfect. Between changing drivers, changing software, and printers tolerance, output is never quite "what you see", and even less often exactly what is instructed in the font. Our 15 fonts suite is the largest set available, to work around any contingencies.
How complex is it to print from my application, in a nutshell ?
If you do not feel like going though all the documentation available on the site, let us say it is as simple as selecting the right MICR font from the Fonts menu in any standard application. Just as simple as selecting "MICRE13B Match", instead of "Arial", or "Chicago". That's it !
How do I set up check printing from my database ?
If you know how to print an invoice or a report, you know how to generate checks. All is needed is to place the MICR data at the bottom of the check. Precise information is included in the package, to help you with all this.
I have an application that requires a MICR font, but they want to charge me a fortune.
Some software vendors, indeed, provide their own recommendation or their own MICR font for their program. This is most notoriously the case for Peachtree, and their solution costs much, much more than our package. You cannot use our fonts directly, BUT you can prepare pre-printed checks with our package, and then use your accounting program with these pre-printed checks.
My accounting software requires pre-printed check stock I have to order.
You can prepare pre-printed checks with our package, and then use your accounting program with these pre-printed checks. The nice thing is that you do not have to order tons of it, and prepare as much as you need only, as often as you need, from your own printer.
What if it does not work ?
The MICR suite is provided under the concept of try-before-you-buy. Which means you can download an evaluation version, identical in essence to the final product (including the MICR Calibration Wizard), except numbers 3, 6 and 9 are replaced by a watermark that does not scan. Apart from that, dimensions are identical, and you can play with it an do all measurements, make sure it works fine, before you buy. We highly recommend you proceed with the evaluation version, before buying the complete package. If you do not feel comfortable with this rather technical product, you may want to consider staying safe with preprinted check.
I need a workable evaluation version before committing to a multiuser or developer version
The simplest way to proceed is to acquire the end-user package, so you can play with it and submit output to any test you deem necessary, for instance by running the checks through your bank technical department. When it comes time to purchase a large site license, or a custom unlimited copy license, we'll take the amount of the end-user license off your new acquisition.
I still have questions.
Please feel free to call 888-755-1485 9 AM-5 PM EST Monday-Saturday, or ask by email.

The standard user license granted upon regular purchase is for ONE (1) user. However, the software can be installed on several computers, as long as only the licensed user is using it. For instance, fonts are frequently used on a desktop computer, and a laptop. This license does not grant in any way the right to distribute or sell the software.
Multi-user licenses are available. These license allow simultaneous usage of the software on several computers. Please contact us for more information.
Users of the fonts or programs must accept this disclaimer of warranty: "These fonts or programs are supplied "as is". The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of these fonts."
The fonts delivered upon purchase are registered versions, and should under no circumstance be passed around. They are reserved to your own use, or the company who acquired them.

Evaluation versions are provided so users can test as they see fit the fonts before purchase. Software is delivered electronically by download to the user disk, and therefore cannot be returned, like hardware goods. Hence all sales are final. If for any reason the registered version of the font/program was provided to you directly by or Match Software on a defective media (disk or archived electronic content), it will be exchanged for a new one at no cost.
If you have suggestions for improving this font/program, we appreciate your comments. It does not mean we will fix or modify the font in the way you wish in a given time, or that we must do it in any way. However, if we feel the suggestion is appropriate, next version of the software may be inspired from this advice.

We decline any responsibility if for any reason this font/program is put to bad use in any way.

This package works fine on a regular configuration, and on a regular printer, with the most usual software packages. If, for any reason, it could not work on your specific configuration, Match Software cannot be held responsible. As technical combinations are almost infinite, and because systems evolve in ways we cannot predict, it might happen a new system, or a particular configuration, does not work with a font. For instance, because a new version of the system requires a new font format. In general, we will try to keep up with the system versions, and eventually offer upgrades, if possible, but it does not constitute an obligation, nor would it be the case if you acquired a set of seat covers for a specific car, and require they fit any new car you may decide to buy later on.

Disclaimer : MICR E13B Match™, MICR Calibration Wizard™, SecureAmounts™ fonts, are trademarks of and its owners.
All other intellectual properties, such as copyright and trademarks, mentioned in this document, belong to their respective holders.

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