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The MICR font E13B Match™ Suite and MICR Calibration Wizard™ are the most complete, precise and accomplished tools to produce reliable and anti-fraud checks directly from your PC and laser printer.Used in United States, Canada, and other countries, this package contains fifteen (15) versions of the MICR E13 B Match™ fonts, corresponding to the largest variety of printers and configurations, as well as typesetting and printing equipment. This high precision MICR font set is completed by fourteen (14) exclusive anti-fraud SecureAmounts™ secure number fonts.
The setup program automatically installs the MICR Calibration Wizard™, the MICR E13B Match™ font set, and the fraud-resistant SecureAmounts™ fonts. The MICR Calibration Wizard is added to your Start menu, so you can start calibrating the fonts immediately.

Free working samples Windows and Macintosh for download.

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MICR E13B Font

Windows and Mac OS X Font
MICR E13B Font for check printing

Print reliable MICR strips from any standard application

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MICR E13B Gauge
Make sure your layout checks out

E13B MICR Gauge

Get a precision MICR Gauge to make sure your check design
and MICR fonts conform to specifications

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MICR suite to print checks

MICR encoding strip

MICR font set, MICR Calibration Wizard™, and SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts, V3.00.

The new SecureAmounts™ secure number fonts use the same technology as the latest bank note, to prevent unauthorized modifications in the amount
The Micr E13B Match™ fonts have been created with the utmost precision, and have been chosen by major American and Canadian  companies for their daily operation since 1997. The brand new Version 3 package now contains
15 MICR fonts suited to all current systems and laser printers
. This set also includes TrueType and PostScript fonts for typesetting equipment.

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SecureAmounts fonts
Fonts for Mac OS X and Windows

Check printing with ou SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud fonts does not require spacial check stock

Anti-fraud, anti-forgery fonts which insure your checks amount cannot be gratted, washed, or modified in any way. Several styles to choose from.

SecureAmount 2 secure font ani-fraud andti-forgery fetures

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CheckStock to print check stock for Quickbooks

Quickbooks® users, print customized check stock from your desk.
Plain letter size paper or printed sheets from office supplies.

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